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Jul 2, 2011

உங்கள் பக்கம்

Dear Sankar sir,
How r u?
I am suguna from uk. I am ur fan. I like ur blog so much. I ll open ur page 3 or 4 times during the day.
I found ur blog from vikatan book. and I had called u once. When I had called u,U were busy.
U told that 'call me after 5 mins'. Then I felt afraid to speak u. I haven't called u yet.
I am able to know a lot of news from ur blog. and U give very perfect film comment.
I was thinking that vikatan is the best for film comment until I read ur blog.
Really U r doing great job!
sir, Do u favour me? In ur today's blog, U've written abt the book(the story of my marriage).
Is the book name 2 states or the story of my marriage?
Thank you so much.
All the Best.


இம்மாதிரியான உற்சாகங்கள் தான் ஆயிரம் தாண்டியதற்கு காரணம்.

சங்கர் நாராயண் @கேபிள் சங்கர்

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Suresh Kumar said...

there is a tool by google called as Google Reader which runs on the feeds funda, where we can subscribe all the blogs and news and keep ourselves updated as and when a new post is available for each doing this we can have all the news available at one location, and the update will be real time, so we can ensure that we can get the news as and when it is published in a site.i do this. one of the advantage is that in corporates where blogs are blocked, u can still read these posts through google reader when the post is still hot..moreover even in the corporates where they have blocked gmail and orkut, this is usually not blocked..for more reading

Dr. A. said...

Dear Cable Sankar,
The same is the case with me as well. I came to know about your blog from Vikatan about a year ago or so. Since than I have been visiting your blog quite often and read most of the archives. I have shared your blog with many of my friends. I really like the style of your writing.

sugi said...

haiyo youth, y didd u publish man? I spoke to my frd and opened ur blog.i shocked.. tnx youth.
feel happy.. but i didnt expect pa.
i love ur writing, youth. u know, i have never forgotten to open ur blog once in a day.
i dont know hindi. but i m watching hindi movies now which u suggested.
many thanks,

'பரிவை' சே.குமார் said...

உற்சாகங்கள் தொடர்ந்து எழுதத்தூண்டும் தூண்டில்... தொடருங்கள்... ஆயிரம் லட்சங்களாகட்டும்.

Unknown said...

தல... அடிச்சாடுங்க...


Expecting to see more much mails


sarav said...

dear cable
this is my second comment (i am counting so that i can also boast)
i have found you through search engine. your blog is quite intresting since u review tamil, telegu , english and hindi movies why can't u blog about other international movies like french, german those language movies are also exceptionaly intresting .. i am talking about masala movies not the film festival movies there are action movies like B13 (french)comedies like tais toi(french) taxi series(french)

iam currently goin through your old post just now finished taxi no 4777

great blogging